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Ep. 1: Mother Nature Calls 

Directed by: Nals and Tess

Written by: Mara De La Rosa & Mary Nava

There’s no lesbian guidebook that tells you how to pee sexy in front of someone you like.  Especially when Mother Nature calls. 

Ep. 2: Meltdown

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Directed by: Vivian Miranda

Written by: Mary Nava

Life is tough when you are not where you're supposed to be...according to family. When all seems bad you're not alone. Sometimes a best friends reminder of how well you are doing is the best remedy for a pick me up.

Ep. 3: Boy Bi 

Directed by: Nicholas Pilapil

Written by: Mara De La Rosa

Mary catches Mara amidst an unspeakable act, which reveals Mara's secret. The day unfolds into a frenzy of heartbreak, chaos, confusion and passion and passion and passion. You think coming out to your parents is hard, try doing that to your best friend....

Ep. 4: Bruh-nniversary

Directed by: Trent Nakamura

Written by: Mary Nava

Sometimes it's hard to focus on the good things in life when all you see is the bad. Life always has a way of reminding us what really matters. Just like the unbreakable bond between Mara and Mary.

Ep. 5: Bang for a Buck

Directed by: Trent Nakamura

Written by: Mara De La Rosa

When push comes to shove, Mara and Mary really aren't doing great in life. They may not even make rent this month. So, instead of finding a real solution, Mary and Mara fantasize what it would it be like to direct their own porno and make a ton of money.

Ep. 6: Ugh, Straight Girls